Registering an S1

We already have CV. My husband now has an S1. I have a letter that says I an entitled to use his S1. However I am in a quandary about wether to register these with CPAM at present. One factor is Brexit-obviously-but the other is that he is currently undergoing treatment for cancer and I don’t want to upset that. Would registering the S1 mid treatment so to speak-cause a problem? For example would our current CV’s stop working while they were sorted? Any advice gratefully received.

Hi Sue

I would take the S1 and discuss at your local CPAM offices. You may well have to make an appointment, ours used to be walk-in but that has changed.

Talk face to face. You should have no problems. Your husband’s treatment etc will not be affected.

As I say, talk to CPAM and give them the S1 (but keep a copy for yourselves - something I forgot to do)…

let us know how you get on.

(Attestation de droits - is the paper you want to take care of, as CV’s don’t always work anyway…and the Attestation gives all the details of your health cover set-up.)

Made no difference to me. I was concerned that I might have to redo y ALD paperwork, but it was just an automatic process. All we had to do was mise a jour our carte vitales once we got the letter.

Our CPAM has a walk in slot first thing in the morning, as the appointments are only for arrête de travail and so on. Check online for your office.

And make sure you take a copy of the S1 first! Loose it at your peril as DWP won’t reissue.

Thank you both for your answers Jane can I ask -what did you take with you? Attestation de droits-as Stella said, and the S1 obviously. But what else? Tax info? Marriage and birth certificates?

I think our Department is generally quite straightforward compared to stories people have told about getting things sorted in other areas. So just because this is how it worked here may not be the same, so take copies of everything just in case! I have a “french admin” folder that has copies of everything under the sun…

But for S1 I just popped into CPAM with my S1 and a copy of it (they need both) handed it over and waited a few weeks…