Registering as Auto/microentrepreneur

Is there anyone on here who could walk my OH through registering as an auto/microentrepreneur for a chambres d’hotes?
It’s changed since I did mine for teaching English (which I now want to change - any help appreciated) and I don’t want to mess it up by giving him wrong information. My French is OK but not brilliant.
I know there are site where you can pay to do it but we are on a very tight budget.
Thanks. :slight_smile:

If your French is OK, it shouldn’t be too difficult to register online at
Take it one screen at a time, a lot of the fields are simply drop down boxes to select from so pretty self-explanatory I think.

Online form to change your activity is here and again it prompts you what you need to enter.

I don’t know what on earth is going on. I registered on the cfe web site; a month later I’d heard nothing, so we visited URSSAF in Chartres. They could not find the file. I reapplied.

Now I have a letter from RSI with my name spelt wrong and my middle name as the name of my business. When I phoned RSI they are unable to find any record of having sent me the letter. I also don’t know whether it refers to the original application or the one made in Chartres in person, so I may end up with two secu numbers… and two loads of cotisations???

And now the web site refuses to recognise my email or password.

I seem to have become a non person. In the meantime this has now taken the whole of Monday morning leaving me working a four and a half day week.

If I recall correctly, once you’ve completed the online form and sent it you get an automated email either confirming that it’s complete, or if you didn’t submit all the justificatif it recaps what documents they are waiting for and the date they need to receive them by. Did you not get this?

You don’t say what the letter from RSI is telling you. Is this the letter notifying you of your siret?

Hi, sorry for not replying earlier - yes, I now have my SIRET.

However, RSI now wants my passport, a certified translation of my birth certificate, and a titre de sejour (despite the fact I am an EU citizen). This is documentation that has already been supplied (apart from the titre de sejour, obviously) both to them and to URSSAF, And they still have not changed the wrong surname. Now, my mutuelle is also using the wrong surname, so is CIPAV… They have however sent me a demand for my first trimestrial return…

By the way, I thought the EU had now outlawed the requirement for certified translations and apostilles for certificates?

Yes, they do say patience is a virtue and dealing with RSI et al makes you very virtuous. Bon courage.

One bit of good news. I had my regular x-rays today at Dreux hospital, and my social security number worked! That really is a relief.

Hi Valerie, I am in the sam boat and in the process of registering as a microent to run a chambre d’hote and there are a number of areas of the application forms online that i’m unsure about - did your husband manage to get registered ok?

We eventually went to the Chambre de Commerce in Angouleme and did it in person with a very helpful lady who spoke a little English. My French is okay ish but bureaucracy still often defeats me!
She took photocopies of his birth certificate and passport etc and said she’d sort out RSI/RAM for us but we’ve still had a letter from them asking for photocopies with attestation from our mairie (but no translations) which he has now sent.
Siret/siren arrived within a couple of weeks.
Ignore most of the bumf from companies trying to get you to sign up to stuff, Google the names to see who’s genuine. There shouldn’t be anything to pay initially.
Hope that helps, good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks Valerie, I will persevere!