Registering as ME

Hi, I am setting up as an ME in France to resell goods on which I purchase from a third party in UK.

I went through the autoenterprise website last night and completed my application, but have received an email from them stating my dossier has been refused! They’ve said I need an appointment at cci.
Has anyone else had this?

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No personal experience but here is an interesting site.

I know you’ve a French speaking friend in the next town… perhaps she can help you find out what is going on…

good luck

Could be something to do with the fact you are buying from the UK and everything to do with commerce with the UK is in a state of flux right now.

They didn’t ask where I was buying my products from.
It was just all of my details, address etc and then the type of business which I chose “internet” and then “e-commerce”
It did seem too simple, but perhaps that was my mistake!
I need to get this sorted before next week and whereas I wasn’t worried, the refusal has really concerned me!

As I say - talk with your friend. You have said she already has ME and a Ltd Company - so she might know what (if anything) you have put wrongly - or what the referral is about.

Does your address check out?
Does your ID check out, is your passport valid?
Do you have another business registration in France or a recently radiated one? Is there another similar micro entreprise registered to the same address?
Lots of potential reasons, you will have to wait and see what the cci say. Hopefully it will be easily solved, these things usually are once you know where the problem is.


It could be our address as it wasn’t on their drop down options and I had to type it in.
There will be both my husband and I registered as online sellers, but selling different products, but we only did my application last night!

My friend is visiting cci with a copy of email tomorrow to see what the issue is.
It just seems odd that it was refused so quickly!

If you have both applied to open very similar businesses, that could well be it. If hubbie is already registered at the same address in the same category your application could have been rejected automatically by the system.That being the case they will want to check that it is 2 independent businesses and you won’t be sharing costs or working together at all. Suggest you go along with your friend to explain.

This might or might not be relevant

We’ve not done husband’s application yet.
Will hopefully find out from CCI the issue.
I suspect we ticked incorrect boxes.
Would use a hand holder service, but they’re all pretty busy with brexit, I suspect I’m not the only one cutting things fine!
Online resellers on eBay selling different products! Are there any benefits to registering as a partnership/conjoint? We both need to get into the French system, along with our daughter (she has an appointment at CPAM tomorrow)
We can’t work outside of the home due to caring for our disabled daughter.
I’m open to accepting advice

The CCI is your best place for advice. If the snag is nothing to do with the 2 MEs in the same category in the same household issue - which it can’t be if hubbie hasn’t applied yet - I suggest you raise this question with them while you’re there and defuse it in advance, so it doesn’t blow up further down the line.

Looks like another Brexit extension in any case so you have time to get things sorted.

It was probably refused so quickly because the initial screening of many things is done by AI these days. If the algorithm doesn’t like all your answers it bounces you. In fact, it’s sometimes difficult even in realtime interactions to establish whether it is a robot or a person one is interacting with. I’d expect it’s something easy to sort out.