Registering for business

After what seems a lifetime the renovation of our home and one of the gites is coming to an end. Hopefully we will be able to rent out this summer, I understand there are several ways you can register a business here, can anyone advise me which is the best way for me as a gite owner

I've been doing our site - and there's still more to do! There are some good free tools on the web to do professional looking sites - happy to help you with that. We use which is free if you accept ads but also very cheap if you want an ad-free site. I created ours without too much difficulty using it: though I have to say it's all credit to Jonathan who found jimdo and worked out how to sign up in the first place! Have a good weekend!

Oh thats good, i'm looking forward to getting some piccies ready for the website so I think we will be busy over the next few days. I will have to pick J's brains on setting one up I'm not too bad maintaining things once they are set up and there are so many website providers out there its a bit of a minefield.

Hi Julie - they're working like the clappers on the terrace. Hope he doesn't come home too tired to work chez-toi this weekend!

There are loads of really good groups here including ones for gite owners, buisiness owners, teachers, knitteres .... the works. It might be worth you joining the gite and the business one, because people there will be able to help you a lot. Our situation is a bit different than the way most people do things because we got accountants involved to advise on handling VAT - we wanted to set up as a business when we started renovating because the work was at 19.6 not 5.5 % VAT. They advised us on claiming back that VAT but it means we will probably need to charge VAT when we open for business the season. I think it will be more straightforward for you because you did the work yourselves. There will be many others in the Gite Owners group who've already done what you want to do.