Registering my UK bike in France

Looking for some help/guidance ... we moved to France a year ago ... brought with us a 1996 600cc Yamaha UK motorbike, advised the DVLA that we had exported it and done nothing with it since ... now thinking about trying to get it on the road in France ... not sure where to start to try and achieve this and what steps I need to take ... any advice please.

I think my Attestation pour l'obentention d'une carte gris ''Vechicule de Collection'' serves as the certificate of conformity as the bike is so old. I think the next step is a Controle Technique for the headlight and speedo, although I read somewhere else about a DRIRE test centre.

All modern vehicle have a certificate of conformity which means basically they conform to the country of registration and other countries they have been imported to cant remember when it started before that date you should contact the manufacture if that model was imported to the country you wish to register it in no problem they will give you a certificate enabling it to be registered if not things could be difficult. I have to send a copy of my UK log book to Kawasaki France who will then decide if my model was imported to France, though i do know it was, they will or should do send me a certificate to give in when i register the bike.I had to do the same when i registered my UK car here even though it was a Citroen

Hi John, I bought the bike in the UK. I think the Certificate D'acqisition covers the import. What does the BMW dealer issue? What do I ask for?

You are in the same position as myself with a 1991 Kawasaki to old for a certificate of conformity if its such as myself you need a certificate from BMW to say the bike was imported and sold in France there is no CT for bikes but you have to take it to a BMW dealer to be inspected then you can register it at your local prefecture unless its changed that was correct a year ago there is a group Bike Club France on the internet can give me detailed info

Hi, For some reason I can't see the replies to Stewart's question but I'm in the same position.

I have a 1978 BMW which I want to register in France. I've replaced the headlight lens and speedometer and got an Attestation pour l'obentention d'une carte gris ''Vechicule de Collection'' and a Certificate D'acqisition.

Do I need a Controle Technique inspection as I think I read somewhere that i don't. What do I do next? Thanks...

Thanks John .... sure I will get round to it this year and will post how I get on

I did the same 4 years ago Stewart brought my 1991 Kawasaki 600 ZZR advised DVLA that i had exported the bike and the car, two years later my daughter had a bill from a debt collecting agency for the DVLA i owed unpaid road how they traced me to there i have no idea unable to reasoning with them they were adamant i owed the money and were going to impound the bike even though i told them it was in France .Contacting the DVLA they were totally useless the bike had somehow not been taken off their data base though the car had. Eventually i had to make a formal complaint, discussing it later on the telephone with the woman responsible they very reluctantly gave me the benefit of the doubt so i would contact them to make sure it is off their database.

Contacting Kawasaki was as bad, no reply they have now removed their telephone number from the site and all contact by mail to which they don't reply you may have better results with Yamaha i think Dave has pretty much covered it once you have the confirmation from Yamaha it will be a trip to the local tax office with your bill of sale forgotten the term then the dealer for inspection to make sure headlight ,speedo conforms plenty of scrapyards about for second hand parts if needed then your local prefecture for registration no MOT/CT. Insurance be prepared for a shock now my no claims is well out of date its 4x more than the UK but i believe you can get historic or similar here if its over a certain age, I am on bike club France information of this nature is hard to find there, some either keep the bike on UK plates and use a family address which is dodgy to say the least or buy a French bike

Many thanks David I will have a look at BCF