Registration in France

I am hoping other Kiwi or Aussi members can help with my question.

We have had a holiday home in France for the past 10 years and have now decided to move there full time.

My wife and 2 sons both have EU passports and I have only a NZ passport.

In going into the registration process with the local Marie, I wa t to know if it’s better to first register the wife and children first then I apply to join them after they are officially established or should we all register together?

Any advise of members who have gone throughout this process would be appreciated.

Best zregards


Merci. Thanks for this info.

I have English mother, English Grandparents on both sides, English daughter, have worked in England (for 3 years) but i am told I do NOT qualify for a UK passport. True? (Why is this relevant... I want access to live and work in France!) :(

I shall investigate more about French visas.

Thanks Nicki,
What you describe is the route we are taking, so thank you for your info, I will let you know how we get on.
Best Regards

Hi Peter
We were in a similar situation a few years ago. I have EU passport (with NZ residency), children have both Kiwi and EU passports so we just had to register them at the school. Husband just has a Kiwi passport so he got a titre de sejour tacking onto my passport and work contract. It is valid for 5 years, renewable and he can work with it.

Hope this helps,


Hi Katie,
I would be interested to get some ball park costs, naturally it is about weight, our dog is small only around 6kg.
I will look up jet pets.

Regarding your children, how long did it take for your children to pick up reasonable language skills, was additional tuition support offered by the school?
Best Regards

Dear Nicole,
I will send you a few links with details in English.
Best Regards

We used jetpets for our dogs, very easy! As long as its vaccinations are up to date, including rabies, there isn’t any trouble getting them here :slight_smile: Our kids are 6, 11 & 15 and have settled in well… although they will have to repeat a year at school due to lack of French skills, but we expected that. If you need any more info happy to answer if I can :slight_smile: Katie

Just saw your posting below, we also brought our dog with us and I can give you details on that if you need them, it was a door to door service and they handled all the documents and custom requirements.


Hi Peter,

I don’t know how similar our situation is, we are Australians but I have duel nationality with an Australian and British passport, we moved here 2 years ago under my British passport and my husband applied for a Family Visa 7 days after arriving in the country at the Prefecture so as to obtain his Carte de Sejour, which is valid for 5 years, there were no registrations with the Marie, (although I suppose depending on the size of the town you live in this may be the same thing??) we did however have to pick his CDS up from the marie’s office and have also bought a house here and met the Mayor so he is aware we are living in his village. I understand there are a number of different visa’s you can apply for (dependent on whether you intend to work here or retire etc.) and if you go to the French embassy website there is a section in English that explains them all. My husband works outside of France on a 5 week on 5 week off basis and is subsequently out of the country for half the year so technically he didn’t need to apply for his CDS but we thought we would err on the side of caution. The only registration I have done is change my Australian drivers license to a French one which took about 2 months.

Hope this helps and please feel free to ask me any other questions and I will answer if I can.


Many thanks Katie, much appreciated.
This is very helpful.
What age are your children, we will have our youngest who will be 13 years that will need to attend school of our other two one will just be starting Uni in NZ next year and the other is married and lives in NZ.
We too will take one dog, so we are also interested to hear how that process went.
Best Regards