Registration of car vs UK MOT?

Hi, this Q has probably been asked lots of times, so maybe I just need a referral or link to where on the site it's archived...

I brought my car over in July, am renting while I househunt, and UK MOT is due in November. I'm a bit clueless about this - presumably if I don't do the MOT it's not relevant here i.t.o. the French laws? And I guess I need to look at registering my car at some stage here - I had heard a year after arrival, and was hoping to find the house first. Just not sure whether, if there's a gap between the time of scheduled MOT renewal and the time of registering the car here, I'm illegal in some way? Any collective wisdom to share?


True , we have registered three UK cars , no problems at all. Just get the paperwork right...cert of conformity is the most important we were informed. The prefecture were most helpful in Montpellier .

I can second that, John. I don't know what all the fuss is about!

Registering a car here isnt as difficult as folk would have you believe having heard all the horror stories we sailed through it

Ah the first baptism by fonctionnaire :-D

Sort out your Certificate of conformity and CT and you are mostly there. Quidis is easy (if you remembered to keep the car purchase invoice) and then you just need a cheque book.

Thanks guys, for all inputs - love the pic. After hearing endless moans about French bureaucracy from different sources before and since, I guess I've just been reluctant to engage in any way, but hey ho, got to start sometime I suppose. Thanks again.


Would this be any use?

just to add, your insurance is usually no longer valid if your car doesn't have an MOT (check the small print of your contract) so if you have an accident... :-O

As Roger says, there's no halfway house. You need to be 100% correct with one system or the other and if you intend staying in France you need to get the car registered here. A fairly easy process which we've pretty much all gone through.

Bonne chance et bonne route ;-)

Great, thanks Sheila, I'm working my way through those pages now.

Thanks Roger, and if it's three months I better move my tail!

Hi Suzanne. There have indeed been many discussions on importing cars vs. buying here. This discussion might give you some information:

1.All cars must be legal in the country where they are registered.

2. If you are or intend to become a French resident ie you will live here for more than six months in each year then having imported a car from within the EU ie the UK you have 3 months in which to register it in France.

No half way, half hearted stage ie tested in France on UK plates and dodgy insurance the Gendarmerie are becoming a lot more au fait with This..