Regulations concerning electrics and renting

Hi my question concerns the conversion of part of the house we live in, into an apartment. My partner has undertaken the electrics using all French materials. We would now like to have the electrics tested for electrical integrity, i.e. Insulation resistance, earth resistance and layout to norms. We may rent this part out. Is there an installation certificate similar to U.K test procedures that can be obtained from a French electrician to independently confirm that all new circuits meet current regulations? Is there a list of electricians who can do this? We live in the Drome. Thanks in advance Fiona

This site looks useful

Acording to this site, you will be given a certificate if all is well … at the end of the test.

“Si votre logement respecte les principales normes d’électricité et que les tests sont concluants, l’expert vous remet une attestation de conformité aux normes. Il faut savoir que ce certificat vous sera nécessaire si vous souhaitez construire, rénover ou vendre votre habitat.”