REHOMED. Loving new home sought for gracie, long haired black cat


Due to health reasons, we are reluctantly looking for a new home for Gracie, our female cat. She came to us as a rescue, having had a difficult time over the last few years. We think she is 4/5 years old.

Gracie was bullied by the other cats and dogs in her previous homes and as a result is extremely nervous of other cats, dogs and people. It took her some time to adjust to her home with us and to trust us. She will need the same kind of patience as she settles into a new home. Once she trusts you she is amusing, talkative and affectionate. She likes to spend time outside most of the day but she sleeps on the bed at night and loves cuddles and combing sessions! She is microchipped, neutered, litter trained and in good health with flea and worming treatments up to date.

It breaks our hearts to have to rehome her but if you can offer her a quiet home with no other pets or children and think you can give her the love and understanding she needs, then we would be pleased to hear from you. We are located near Marthon, 16380. Photos available. Contact Frances Strong on 0545639875 or email

If only I could look after all the lonely cats in the world!
It is very sad to hear the story of Gracie.
Perhaps a picture of her on here would help.
But Marthon …do you have a local forum…
A few years ago I "fell out " with my best friend who lives
near Arcachon and was my friend for many years in London.
Last night I got an e mail from her out of the blue reaching out
to me as an old friend, I guesse and a cat lover and telling me
that the black cat which she rescued some 12 years back had
just died.
I doubt if she will have the courage to take another furry friend
just yet and they go off to London often to see family.
But I hope everything turns out well for you and Gracie.

Hi Barbara,

Thanks for your sympathetic message. It’s breaking my heart to have to rehome Gracie after making so much progress with her and gaining her trust. I feel such a heel, but I have no choice - it’s the best option for her.

I thought I had put photos on the post - I’d better check that! I’ve place the ad on several different platforms, local included, but have had no response other than yours. I don’t know what I’ll do if I can’t find another home for her - I couldn’t bear to put her in a shelter.

I’m sorry your friend has lost her cat, but at least it meant she made contact with you again. I’ve also just lost my previous cat I had in the UK - I did manage to successfully rehome her and she had 5 more happy years with her ‘step-mum’ for which I will always be grateful.

It may be worth mentioning Gracie to your friend - you never know? Anyway, thanks again for bothering to reply - it means a lot.

Best wishes

I know that you will find a great home for Gracie…and, of course I will mention Gracie
What is your time scale?

Hi again,

Timescale is asap, but last ditch end of December. We have to return to the UK on Jan 2nd!


Is there any chance you could take Gracie to UK?

send a photo to me…I will pass it on

the sooner the better.


No - that’s the issue. If I could, I would of course. First of all she couldn’t stand the stress of the journey and even if she could we are going into temp accommodation where there are ‘no pets’. Also one of my health issues is that I think I am allergic to her! Have never been allergic to anything before, least of all cats, but symptoms appeared as soon as I got her and an allergist thinks she may be the problem. :frowning:


Perhaps you could move somewhere else???
Perhaps you are not really allergic to Gracie.

Barbara, I get where you’re coming from but believe me if there was an option that would allow me to keep her I would take it. Our situation is complicated and I don’t want to bore you with it all!

Taking everything into consideration, I just feel it is kinder for her to find her a new home.


please can you send the pics to Lola at L auberge des quatre pats.

Lola rescues cats and dogs and homes them.

If you have no choice you could take Gracie there.

She is about 2 hours away from you near Duras.

I can find her e mail address for you if you wish to take this route.

Thank you - I would appreciate her email address so I have a fall-back option if all else fails.


Lolas e mail ADDRESS IS…auberge4pattes@outlook

Thanks Barbara. Is that … Does Lola speak English?


I do not think so…but maybe.

good luck.