Reimbursement for Doctor Visits: Sometimes RSI Reimburses 70%, Sometimes 30%

I have been refunded for one general medical visit at 30%, and another general medical visit at 70%, and I’m not sure why. Can anyone explain? I am under the RSI regime.

You don’t say whether the visits were for the same issue and whether the same doctor for the same ailment.

Some doctors charge the standard rate but others charge more than the standard going rate for some consultations so your percentage reimbursement (without taking this into account) will be less.

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Both doctors charged 25 euros for an office visit – same purpose – I asked them to diagnose something. These were two different doctors whom I saw for the same purpose, spent the same amount of time. I may conclude that either a) there is some rule that RSI uses to charge a different percentage based on the number of visits I make; or b) RSI made a mistake and should have reimbursed the same amount for both visits.


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France introduced the system of folk registering with a particular Doctor… to avoid people going to more than one Doctor for the same thing… ie.seeking a second opinion…

This might well explain why you were not reimbursed the same amount for 2 visits with 2 different Doctors… for the same query. :cry:

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Yes the 70% reimbursement is what you get when you see your MT.
When you see a different doctor you get a lower rate of reimbursement, except when your MT has referred you to see a particular specialist doctor.