Reimbursement of medical costs

I wonder if anyone can assist. We have our Carte Vitales now. Have paid a couple of standard visits to the doctor…nothing complicated. The doctor duly enters all the details on her PC and tells us we will be reimbursed 22 of the 23 Euros we pay her for each visit. So far, six weeks down the line, nothing. Should we expect to be reimbursed for these initial visits?

Thanks I can't remember ifthe mutuelle said they would do it. I'll pop into the pharmacy tomorrow and check.

It was done automatically by Via Santé (my mutuelle).

When did you sign up? Generally what you need to do is to 'Mettre à Jour la Carte Vitale' (update your carte vitale). Just pop into any pharmacy and they can do it for you or they have a machine. If you do it yourself, it will be listed with the card informatin.

Didn't realise thst I had to tell CPAM which mutuelle we had. Do I just drop them a line with details, photocopy of details? What do they need to know. Can it be done via the Ameli websits?

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no unemployment benefit if you're rsi and the pension is pants compared to the cpam just to name two. As with so many things in France - there's no égalité at all!

What benefits are those? I thought all were the same.

from experience, the cpam is far better and more efficient than the rsi, plus all the benefits are better ;-)

Actually you won't get the 70% unless you declare.

Otherwise it is 30%, which results in a fiver back after your obiligatory euro is taken out.

Even if you are not sick, once you get your attestation, you need to find a doctor and declare them.

Touch wood, RSI have been pretty quick with payments.

Saw opthalmalogue Monday morning, check written and CV used.

RSI payed on Thursday and Via Santé this morning (Friday.)

Just dreading switching over to CPAM soon. I am sure it will be a nightmare despite government pledges that it should go easier.

Yes I too have 100% cover.

Correct in most cases, Simon, but as you say, check your account! My mutuelle is a small local one (refuge mutualiste aveyronnais) with nothing automatic with the RSI/UTIM so we (me, OH and our two kids) send in my statements to get reimbursed. Was the same for OH when she was still MSA before changing to the RSI, same for me years ago with the CPAM.

thank you Simon

No Hugh - so long as you have told your CPAM who your mutuelle is. If you have then the reimbursement is automatic when using your Carte Vitale. To make sure just check your account online via the Ameli website.

Do I need to send the mutuelle a copy of any medical bills to get re-imbursed.

Thank you.

I have a carte vitals, but don’t have an s1 being under retirement age, so use never had a penny back from doctor or hospital visits. I paid the refund fee for an X-ray and for physio, but then gad bills from them both for the different staying my carte vitals was not valid. I checked with the Amelie helpline who said I wouldn’t be entitled to any reimbursement from the French system as I haven’t paid anything in. I also can’t get a mutuelle as they only offer a top up of the difference once we gave been reimbursed by cpam.

With our initial visit to our GP he looked at our Cartes Vitale but we were never charged, even after my husband had been examined by him. Since then we have been a couple of times and each time we have been reimbursed within a couple of days by CPAM/RSA and the following day by our mutuelle.