Relative living in my house

Hi, I’m new to this group but desperately need some advise.
I have let my relatives live in our hose for the last 10 years rent free, they called themselves caretakers in the French tax system.
One of them has died and the other is thinking of moving back to the Uk, however since they have lived there they have replaced our kitchen for one they liked, replaced the washing machine as they broke it, chucked our fridge out for a fridge freezer and replaced the fire they broke.
Now the problem is I have been advised that they are taking all of these things out of the house when they leave! Even the fitted kitchen!
Can anybody help me please?

I’m going to ask the obvious question … do you have any kind of written agreement or correspondence about this? Without anything in writing then it’s difficult to prove what was there before, but if you have anything in writing let us know and hopefully somebody here may be able to better advise.

No we didn’t put anything in writing as it was my Aunt and Uncle who I have been more than a niece to.
It’s her son in the UK who is telling her to take it out!
We had a functioning kitchen in the house when they moved in, (which was supposed to be for 6 months and stayed for 10 years.) they took it out and dumped it without our knowledge and put in a new kitchen that my Aunt like, it was kept as a surprise for us!

Send them a bill for the 10 years rental with an offer to retract it if they leave the place as it now stands.


Have you spoken to the son -presumably your cousin - about why he is advising that they do this? It could be that she is completely skint and trying to save every penny she can, so offering a couple of £100 might resolve it with family bonds left intact?

Sometimes it’s best to depart the battlefield with honour intact. They are in the wrong, but if you are not going to get them to see that then move on…


Just politely point out that you expect them to leave the property equipped as it was when they arrived; with a kitchen, washing machine, fridge etc. Point out that you understand that they will have had to replace some items due to wear and tear and that you are happy to accept those items in lieu of the originals.


Her son is controlling, he is the one making the decisions! He has no right to as the agreement was with his parents.
My Aunt is fine financially…

We are writing to her to explain this, I really don’t think it’s her making the decisions!
We are going over to be there when they leave!
It’s all been kept so sectrative, that’s the thing that bothers me the most! If someone gave my mum and dad free rent for 10 years I’d be over the moon!

Thanks for your advice!