Relocation with adult daughter

Moving back to France after 20 years, receive a French pension what other docs will I need to have to remain .

Daughter with me aged 23 born in France , what docs will she need to remain ?

Both going to register as Auto Entrepenneurs for work

Beyond the usual birth certificate and carte d’identité/passport and possibly proof of where you live, none AFAIK.
Good luck with the move. I expect you’ll find a lot of changes especially on the admin side, but underneath, France is still France.

Hi …Thanks for the reply due to Brexit will we need to apply for Carte de sejours as well I was not quite sure ? With or without enterpeneur status . ?

Brexit hasn’t happened yet. Assuming you’re both EU citizens you have the right to freedom of movement.
Does your daughter not have French nationality?

If you’re British and you leave the move until after Brexit, or until freedom of movement for Brits has ended, it will be a lot more complicated. You may not be allowed to come here and set up as micro entrepreneurs at all, it will no longer be an automatic right and non EU citizens have a lot of hoops to jump through if they want to work or set up businesses in France. But at the moment, you do have the automatic right. If you move now, and you live here stably and legally for 5 years as per France’s criteria for stable and legal residence, then after 5 years you will qualify for permanent residence with full rights and entitlements.

Hi Anna,
Ok so as I am pensioned in France with an SS number etc it’s best to make the move now , my kids are on the Livre de Famille born in Grasse… They did not take up the Nationality , although born in 93 and 94 I think they could apply . but that could fail as they are not French speakers …and part of the test is to be spoken French …

So as we stand today I wanted to be sure of our position for the move next month

Hi Sue

by the sound of things… the sooner you all get here the better… :grin:

Do your children have any French at all ??.. if not, I would suggest that immersing themselves here will quickly put that right.

Hi Stella , It’s only my daughter who will take lessons every week, they left very young … I think that they could apply for citizenship. But it’s a long road …basically just want to be sure of our rights now to remain after that deadline date .

I’m not certain that we, here on the forum, can give you total assurance.

Anna will zap you with all sorts of info… but certainly the sooner you come, I would say, the better your chances.

Thank you ladies, I feel confident though , she is born in France I am in the system so we hopefully have a chance I just want to get the T.s and I.s dotted in preparation . I was an SARL there for 15 years.

Can either of you advise the best thread for Auto E info ? I went recently but would like some more detailed info on categories ?

If you’re established here before the deadline, it won’t affect you apart from that at some point Brits will presumably be required to obtain carte de séjours, France has suggested that a special streamlined procedure will be set up and I have a faint hope that it will be do-able online. But for Brits already here, Brext won’t affect their right to remain. For the first five years it is always conditional on meething the French/EU criteria, ie spend most of the year in France and whatever other criteria apply to their individual status. Living here automatically generates paperwork such as avis d’impôts, so provided you have met the criteria it’s easy enough to prove. Your daughter is an adult so she’ll be treated separately she’ll do her own tax declaration/have her own social security coverage etc.

Was your daughter’s father French? If not, and if she’s 27 now and hasn’t lived here since she was a child, I’m not sure that having been born in France will help in gaining citizenship, I think droit de sol only helps if the person has actually lived here, and has to be taken up by the age of 18. But if her dad was French that gives her droit de sang and she can claim nationality regardless of having lived here or not.

It’s called micro entrepreneur these days. Always best to get info from official sources as outdated info can be dangerous, and in fact the rules changed a lot as from 1.1.18:
but by all means come back with specific questions on the Employed and Self-employed part of the forum

I don’t zap, do I? Sorry - I don’t mean to zap, I mean to “offer”. Folks are free to ignore me, and usually do I imagine.

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You can always be relied upon to give good advice “swiftly and with style”…

In other words, you do not delay… you zap the info onto the page… hurrah…:hugs:

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Thank you that would be great appreciated

Hi Anna, She is 23 and Father was not French , do you think we should both apply for Carte Sejours at this stage or get on with the Auto side of it first ? I am pensioned there I think I should get my CV after 3 months .? Possibly my daughter she has a Medical Exemtion which will allow 100%in France

Re setting up the micros - you no doubt remember the cotisation from your SARL days - France may have changed but the cotisations haven’t much! They are inching down (or should that be centimetring down) slowly but you still need to budget for around 40% of profits.

Come as soon as you can. Registering as a ME will get you into the health system. If your are established when Brexit happens it sounds as though you will be secure here. My children were born in Germany but that counts for nothing if they apply for German nationality, I guess France could well be the same. Having said that my son has been told that if he did apply for nationality in Germany it is very unlikely that he would be refused.

Yes I have that in mind but for my daughter she would only pay after a set amount of revenue is earned .? Not sure of the threshold …no expenses allowed …

She is a Beautician and we visited the office and the they saw all her certificates , conformed in July 17 I am hoping they do not need to be reconfirmed like an address for example as they are for life …

Getting a CdS is a box ticking exercise and you need to be sure you will tick the boxes. Until you have started your businesses your daughter’s status will be “inactive”. As an inactive she needs to have been here for 3 months and she also needs to prove a minimum stable income of around 600€ per month. Without meeting these two conditions she will not get a carte de séjour.

Your status before you set up a business would presumably be retiree and I think you would also need to meet the income criteria but not totally sure on that.

There’s also the requirement to have healthcare in force, I’m not going to get into that because I seem to have a different interpretation from others on the forum, but you may need to take out private health insurance until you’re accepted into PUMa.

So to me the obvious thing would be to sort out the business first rather than go chasing bits of cardboard that you don’t need and possibly don’t even qualify for. But it’s your decision.

The link is above, I suggest you start there.
ME is very simple, there are no allowances for expenses and cotisations start with the first euro of turnover. If your daughter provides a service and earns 20€, she will pay 4€ in cotisations.

Ok complicated I forget how challenging it is , baby steps here …She is 100% on a Carte Vitale Neuro exemptions , so my priority is to get that CV first , I have the list of docs and all straight on that will go to the office …