Hi all, I know it's a long shot but i'm looking for help. I'm moving to Annecy in January with my 10 year old son and was wondering if there is anyone out there living nearby with similar aged children who I could hook up with once we're there. I met my now husband (who lives there already) almost 3 years ago on and we got married 4 months ago! Jacques and I are really excited about the move but would love to make some new friends. Any advice would be much appreciated. Genevieve.x

Hi There don't know if you have moved already or still underway but in doing some research for something else I found Chatterbox which is an integration, support group in the Haute Savoie (if my memeory serves me right) it might even be in Annecy. Google chatterbox Haoute Savoie and you aare sure to find them. Good luck with your new adventure

From the members map it looks like Masha is in Annecy

Good luck with the move, if you don't get any responses in a couple of days, give me a shout and I will put the word out for you :)