Remember Yes Minister?

Topical extract :

My now bilingual children can sit watching 'Allo 'Allo for hours. A French friend who was here whilst they were watching an episode asked if that is what he sounds like. In harmony, they said 'Yes!'. Quite something given they are never harmonious in any sense. The younger one downloaded an excerpt to take to school for the English lesson. Her point was to show the couple of kids who believe they are fluent but actually barely get both syllables of 'Goodbye' right what they sound like. Apparently the teacher loved it, ordered a boxed set from Amazon but there is no report of it being used in class.

As for 'Yes Minister', I saw some but was away too often. When I did, it made me howl with laughter. In the UK I was on a number of committees that included MPs, I could never see them in quite the same light as before.

Watched SP not long ago in one run, off of the PC via a useful gizmo we have that runs it through the TV.

True enough, watching Smileys People too at the moment (tuesdays evenings). Also engrossed by the brilliant (imo) Life on Mars on the Sony Channel. Forgot how good the series really was.

I think they are worthy of the Great Masters, like Alec Guinness as the almighty George Smiley, for example :)

Great for you mate. One of the advantages to having the Sky channels is channels like Gold etc show masterpieces like YM & YPM on a regular basis. Mt dvd player has become virtually redundant ! Just how well written was YM & YPM ?

Got the whole set, Series 1 2 & 3 + Yes Prime Minister, going to do a monster re-view when the Missus is away in Paris :)

Lots of memorable episodes. My fave would have to be when the overweight chain-smoking Leslie Potts , present Minister of Sport is given the job as Minister of Health and is coughing so much due to the ciggies, he is unble to thank the PM ! Brilliant !

"Know thine enemy!"

MrsTs favourite programme.