Removal Advice Wanted!

Morning all…

I need your help! I’m after some recommendations for removal companies. The trip is from London to Paris and I’m after a company who can do the packing and offer a storage facility. If any of you can recommend anyone (or otherwise!), I will be very grateful. Thanks!

Peter Driscoll who is in the network runs a removals brokerage. We used him and saved a lot of money.

Hi Catharine
We used Britannia (Lanes of Devon - but they came up to Farnham to collect), they stored our part load for a few weeks before we needed it delivering. Possibly more expensive than other movers but they packed everything and were really good. Nothing was broken & they put all the boxes in the right rooms at the new location.

When we moved in 2004 we used Burke Bros. Although they are Wolverhampton based they were quite happy to move us from Reading, they packed, stored (for a month) and moved us with no problems. The staff were fun and friendly and helped to take the stress away! We had a 3 year old at the time who was given a Burke Bros teddy bear on moving day, was allowed to sit in the cab with the driver and the first item off the lorry when we arrived in France was Ed’s bike, a really thoughtful gesture I will never forget! I have no hesitation in reccommending them.

When we moved to France (near Paris) we used the company Whites of Andover, The men packed up our house and were very friendly and proffesional. I would highly recommend them! Good luck with the move!