Removal end of April from London to Herault

I'm busy getting my head around the fact we've only got 6 weeks left in London before we move back home to Herault (can you imagine the smile radiating across my face as I type this? almost as Sunny and warm as the weather back home I hope) well anyway this is basically an enquiry as to whether any other SFN members have a removal organised around this date and would like to share?

I am considering my options over what to bring back and what to put into storage in the UK (with our other items I've been collecting from EBAY for our next house), but I want the cheapest option possible to get the kids stuff back to France before they've outgrown it (which will be the case if I put it in storage with our house stuff!)

I imagine I will have around 15 large packing boxes filled with books, toys, bedding & clothes - I've ordered 500mm x 500mm x 600mm boxes from Mad4Boxes and I imagine this will be more than enough for our stuff. The other big items I have which need I definitely want moving include:

Toyshop ![](upload://f2aFTjiOhFUJWcjRcc2qZLYcQLs.jpg)

Table & 2 chairs![](upload://AhS9NuD0vpsv6pEL9pWRZNBa6ld.jpg)


childrens toy ride on cars

Jasmine's Princess Car & Izzy's rather cooler BMW

Then optional items I could move to France now or could wait and put them in storage with my other stuff include:

Children's bunk beds with truckle underneath & 3 single mattresses (can be dismantled)

my footstool - yes patriotic I know but we were there for the olympics! it won't fit in the boot but isn't an essential to move now obviously (although I am using as I type)

And a Fatboy (no - not talking about the husband) it's a giant beanbag - as when we moved in at first we didn't have sofas included in the flat but then the landlord gave us some (so kind)

sexy lady not included (and no unfortunately for my husband, it's not me)

Oh and a 3m x 2m rug which can be rolled.So as you can see, not your usual removal - but since we came in 1 car and need to go back with some assistance I'm hoping someone on SFN might know someone who can help. We need to be out by 3rd May.

so any ideas? I am going to try TheRoadAhead which SFN advertises down below on the right too but thought as you are all a helpful bunch I'd consult you lot too.

Anglo French Removals from Maidstone in Kent do part loads by volume. They did my removal in January and gave an exceptional service. Haven’t found any breakages … Yet … (lots still to be unpacked).

not sure why my images have gone missing?