Removal firm

Hi, does anyone know of a good and not too expensive removal firm who can recieve deliveries of furniture, etc, store and then deliver to our house in the Tarn in one deliver.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Steve, we are moving in 6 weeks time from West Sussex to the Tarn. After much deliberation we’re using this company… Anglo European Light Haulage We’re moving ALL our worldly goods - but it looks from the website that they’ll do the sort of thing you ask. If you can hang on for a few more weeks i’ll be able to give them a marks of of 10 / thorough review!

We used the oddly named “Drop” of Beziers - they were terrific

Hi we have quite a few firms advertise with us, cannot recommend as we have never used one, but may be worth talking to one or two - link hereTransport Removals and Couriers


We all watch this one with interest… I sent some stuff to UK in September 2009 that was delivered (to the wrong place) last week.