Removal Firms

(Teresa Ewart) #1

Ok, now i know what I’m putting in the truck, i need a truck company… currently leaning towards “anglo european light haulage” wondered if anyone had any experiences to share - good or bad?

(Alastair Stephen) #2

we used anglo french

they moved us from Tun wells to Vendee, then from the vendee to the spanish border.

Highly recomended and helpful.

we had so much stuff they used a huge 60 cubic m pantechnican

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #3

better than ever! They feel totally at home. 2 palms have flowered here -absolutely stunning, they never flowered before in England.

(Teresa Ewart) #4

Thanks Suzanne, I’ll mail them for a quote… hoping the palms are still alive

(Suzanne Fitzgerald) #5

We used Brittania - a bit pricey but nothing got damaged or broken and it all arrived on time. They packed everything for us & they even lifted my large potted palm plants up 3 flights of stairs to install them on the roof terrace. The poor fella lifting it nearly passed out!

Should of mentioned it was on a part load basis which was cheaper. The lorry had to park his second trailer outside our village as he wouldn’t fit & was over the weight limit for our village. That is one thing to check!