Removal from Electoral Roll

The saga of my husband’s SS number continues - they are now asking for more documents such as bank statements and other things we are able to provide.

They also want proof that he has been removed from the UK electoral roll - but this one worries me as we are not planning on being in France forever. Does anyone have any experience with how this might affect us when/if we move back permanently? For example, when it comes time for us to apply for a mortgage at the end of the current fixed term before or after we go back?


Who do? That’s just rubbish - you can stay on the UK electoral roll for 15 years after you’ve left the country (currently!). Sounds like someone has their wires crossed…

I understood the same thing yes - 15 years!

This is the wording in French received from a government department called CREIC - do you agree that’s what they want?

 Le justificatif de la radiation du registre de la population de votre précédent Etat de résidence.

My French isn’t great but, AFAICS, while “electoral roll” might be the closest UK equivalent to “registre de la population” they aren’t quite  the same thing.

Registre de la population — Wikipédia vs Liste électorale — Wikipédia

If you move you would normally be deregistered at the old address when you register at the new but it is possible to be on two electoral rolls if you own property in two areas and, of course, you can remain on the UK electoral roll where you were last registered for 15 years after you leave the country.

Might be worth trying to explain that the UK doesn’t have a “registre de la population” per se.

[well, to an extent the electoral roll performs both functions but explaining that might just get too complicated :slight_smile: ]

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Or maybe copies of your HMRC France Individual Form or P85 ? As Paul has stated - the registre de la population is not the same thing as the electoral role in France.

This text may help you with CREIC - it’s from


Il n’existe pas de numéro unique d’identification des personnes physiques.

En revanche, les personnes physiques ont un numéro d’assuré social , qu’elles conservent toute leur vie. Elles l’obtiennent automatiquement à l’occasion de leur seizième anniversaire si elles vivent en Grande-Bretagne et si leurs parents ont perçu des allocations familiales pour leur compte. Sinon, elles le demandent à partir de l’âge de 16 ans.

Ce numéro, dépourvu de signification, est composé de neuf caractères alphanumériques (deux lettres, six chiffres et une lettre). Il est utilisé non seulement par les organismes du secteur social ainsi que par les prestataires de soins, mais aussi par l’administration fiscale.

It s not mandatory to register on the Electoral Roll in UK.
Remember all those party adverts encouraging people to go and register.
Someone somewhere has their wires crossed.
I would contact the Electoral Commission.

The only mandatory bit is completing the Annual Canvass form (sent out annually by local councils to all UK addresses). For many/most of us - this no longer applies as we are without a UK address.