Removals to France

Hello, has anyone used the services of an inexpensive, reliable removals person. I registered with ANYVAN and accepted a quote but the guy has just pulled out of the contract. I am moving in July from East Yorkshire to Tarn et Garonne 82360

Save some sun for me!


Hi friends and thanks for the pointers for removals. Chris, your idea about buying and selling is good, unfortunately I am 65 with arthritic wrists and the only other man in the family has slipped discs in his back so self loading is impossible. Karen asked where we are moving to - Lamagistere near Agen.

Cheers all


So was I!!

I was teasing.

Not so much smug Howard as glad we used our imagination, and we really did enjoy the trip especially as P&O give a free breakfast to lorry drivers and their "mates" ;-O

Chris, smugness is never an endearing characteristic ;-)

Do what I did Colin, we were quoted £3,500 to move from Cornwall to Limousin, so we bought a 7.5 tonne lorry for £2,000 insurance and fuel added another £500 and we sold it on e-bay on return for £2,000 to someone who was doing exactly the same thing! Cost of move £500 plus ferry ticket and we were able to take as long as we liked packing the lorry and making sure everything was tight. We broke nothing and enjoyed the trip and adventure. A word of warning, lorries over 3.5 tonnes are not allowed on French roads on Sundays unless they are refrigerated. HOWEVER, we decided we would risk it and no-one took any notice of us at all.

we used channelmoving, their quote was competitive and their service was brilliant.

cannot recommend these guys highly enough...

we moved from sussex to the tarn 81 just over a year ago - inexpensive, reliable and nice!

The House Removals Company are highly reliable, Bishops are good too.

Barnes of Lincoln have always delivered top service for us - internationally and well as several moves in the UK. To be clear, I have no connection with the firm other than as a satisfied customer. Julian Barnes is your man.

Where in T&G are you moving? I live 82140.

we used Bishops removals, but that was 8 years ago, and they were fantastic. They have a depot in Carcassone so are up and down a lot.

Good luck. As for sun???? we have cold wind and rain at the moment