Removals to or from France which Company do you recomend?

Sorry sfn, But been I have been on another social site any there was a discussion about removals companies moving to and from spain . These discussions are interesting because we operate a small family ltd company locally here in Blandford Forum Dorset and cover European destinations.

I Have worked for Major companies overseas for over 15 years and I have seen and been in the forefront of these concerns. Not being my fault being the office

There was a lot of concern over the amount of money extra that large removals companies charge before delivery, Damages to packed goods that large removals have packed for customers, claims that are not dealt with either by not responding to letters email etc.

One question was "what removals company can I use, since I need to bring stuff back from Spain"? asked on guy?

I think in my option go with a small registered company that is keen to get themselves out and known in the industry, and also the goods being handled is only by employee of that company. These guys a generally more careful with customers stuff.

Feedback welcomed