Removing weird seat to dechetterie!

House sale nearly ready but there remains one last job to do - remove a weird seat to the local dechetterie in Gourin which is about 10k from the house. The seat was dumped on our property by persons unknown and is quite large so a medium sized van will be needed. Anyone know anyone who has such a van and can do this for us? 56630 Morbihan Britanny.

Super U or one of the other supermarkets usually do cheap van hire, used them a few times for really bulky items.

Just a thought… check that the dechetterie of your choice is open on “the day”… some are doing short hours/days…

good luck

Is it possible to apply power tools and end up with small pieces of said weird seat?

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Thanks for the suggestions - I failed to mention that I am in UK selling the house in Britanny and while I would love to be able to hire a van and also impose a suitable implement on the posterior of whoever dumped the weird seat, I have to rely on someone local like a ‘person and van’. The material of this weird seat is not known, but it is probably something like solid polyurethane foam, covered in paint. It is a seat in the form of a hand, and presumably you sit in the palm and the upright fingers serve as the back rest. Maybe Tracey Emin had something to do with it? Or Damien Hirst even? So person and van preferred!

Take a picture and try selling it, may save you the problem, earn you a little and buyer collects!
Google Photos

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Or put it by the side of the road with a message - Servez-vous

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Update! The offending object has been attacked and destroyed by the neighbour. it is now residing in dismembered bits at the dechetterie.
Thank you for your suggestions.


I can see why you might be offended by it :joy:


It’s good to see you got a hand to get rid of it in the end :wink:

Ah not modern art fans then, when looking for pictures I saw several ads for said items with £1600 price tags

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I thought it could have been used as a quirky seat for parents who could do with a hand in a children’s playground

I’m all for reusing / selling on etc but I think it is going to the right place looking at the condition of it!