Removing Wine Cuves


Has anyone removed wine cuves from their garages? What was involved and roughly how much did it cost? We seem to have 1 cuve and a tank built into the floor of our garage which we hope to remove. Friends have told us it’s easier to work round it and expensive to remove but we just wondered if anyone else has already done this out of interest and to get an idea of cost so we know what to expect.



Thanks James - not so bad then, I was worrying it might be thousands!

It’s a nasty job as it probably contains reinforcing bars within the concrete. So you have to cut them with bolt croppers whilst breaking the concrete apart with a kango hammer, then you’ve got to get it to the tip or dispose of it somehow. It’s non skilled though and should take a couple of guys a couple of days so, if you can find those guys it shouldn’t cost more than about 600 euros.