Renault Trafic for sale €3500

9 seater Renault Trafic minibus for sale, beautiful metallic emerald green (v handy for not losing it in carparks) normal wheelbase, 1.9 cdi 80 diesel, very reliable (has taken me to work & children to school and back every day & never had a problem), maintained by Renault Bergerac since new as that's where I bought it. LHD, obviously.

190000 kms on the clock, had new timing belt put in by Renault at 120000 km (the usual kmage), and any bits of work have always been done by them (stack of factures for revisions, tyres, etc. if you want them). It does 1000 odd km on a tankful (Bergerac to Germany with fuel to spare).

CT until December 2015 but will have a new one should you buy it (any vehicle must have a CT less than 3 months old for changing the carte grise).

I'm getting rid of this vehicle which I love ONLY because my parents have very kindly given me their old but relatively new car (they hate my Trafic, i don't know why...) and as I don't have quite so many people to ferry around any more it makes sense, and I don't need 2 cars!

Has air-conditioning, fabric seats, rubber floor, radio, electric windows in front, manual sliding at the back, 2 doors at the back that open in the usual way rather than a hayon (one that goes up). Extremely comfortable to drive, normal wear & tear for a vehicle this age.

I wasn't looking at raking in a fortune, just a realistic price & getting my Mammut a nice new home in fairly short order. I don't suppose sitting idle chez moi for ages would do it much good either so there was no point asking a stupid price & putting people off, also I'm not interested in haggling & faffing about. So this way I'm happy & the new owner seems happy too, win-win!

Given what little I know of car prices (high) in France that sounded a bargain, also campervans or vans to convert are greatly in demand. A shame it went so quick, but for you a good deal. C'est la vie.

Lucky her too!


Well I hope you find one, I LOVE the Mammut even though my parents absolutely loathe it for some reason (hence the giving me their old car ;-) ) mind you, I expect you could find a more recent one which is less 'Spartan' than mine.

Yes it is exactly the same as the Opel Vivaro, I hired a long one of those in Germany once, & loved it - which is what inspired me to buy my short one, which as you say is extremely manoeuvrable even in the tiny streets in Bergerac - I was terrified at first but got a tape-measure out & saw it wasn't in fact any longer or much wider than my LWB Espace, just much boxier. I'm going to miss sitting high-up being Queen of the Road, but I do have a spivvy 12cv Mercedes now which will compensate (if I don't lose my licence ;-) ).

I thought the price was fairly realistic, it's going to cost a bit to clean the accumulated debris of driving my 5 children and their friends around, and it is going to be 10 this year! I'm not aiming at becoming a car-tycoon, I just don't want to be coughing up insurance etc for 2 vehicles one of which won't be used... I can understand why you love it - if my parents hadn't given me their car I'd eventually have gone for another the same, but with the back row of seats which tip up, which mine doesn't have.

I shall miss der Mammut, glory of the road, plus beau véhicule de France et de Navarre... I'm feeling a bit guilty now :-(

Not surprised, they're in great demand. I've been looking for more than 6 months for one already, doing the local garages, PAP, LeBonCoin, etc.

Story of my life :-( But glad it has gone to a good home :-)

Thanks for letting me know!!


Argh sorry Graham - the very nice people who came just now have snapped it up! They are buying it for their son who is going to make it into a cool-dudemobile with a bed in the back etc. Lucky him!!

Ah, ok, my suspicions are confirmed ;-), 80HP and short then. Checking out most of the models on the market from that time, it seems like Renault only ever did 80 and 100CV, and the fact that it is 6CV fiscaux is also a good indicator of this.

It is very similar to the Opel Vivaro I had previous to my current Renault Trafic (yes, I'm a repeat offender, I just love this vehicle too much ;-) ), which to be honest was also a great van, just a smidgeon too short in the boot with the back row seats in. What you gain in length, however, with the L2M2 version I have, you pay for in manoeuvering, turning, and weight, hence the need for a more powerful engine and poorer fuel consumption. Think I'll hang on to the one I've got for now, even though I am sorely tempted by the offer.

The price you are asking is very reasonable - one of my friends bought one similar about five years ago for about the same, and same condition.

Thanks for the prompt reply Veronique! Please consider my interest as a "banker" - if all else fails etc this would suit me to a "T" - only really need it for a few weeks a year when the family descend and the 7 seats in my Grande Espace (almost as old as me) just are not enough! Mind you, as we don't have a bus service here, maybe I can start trading???? :-)

Hi, Alex and Graham - mine is the short-wheelbase version - on the carte grise it says cylindrée en cm3 1870 & puissance nette maximale en Kw 60, then puissance administrative nationale 6 which I think means 6 fiscal horses, so possibly as you say not enough oomph for you (I have had good fun with it on the motorway in Germany though ;-) ). If either of you have specific questions I'll try to find the answers, even though the Carte Grise might as well be written in cuneiform!

No worries Graham about not seeing it until after the 6th of April, I'm not in any particular hurry even though I have some local people coming to look at it this afternoon (quick off the mark ;-) ).

If it doesn't suit Alex, I would definitely be interested, Veronique!
Only thing is that I will be back in the UK until 6th April.

Hi Véronique,

I might be interested, as I currently have a 300.000 km Trafic 9 seater long version, which I adore, but it is starting to show signs of old age.

Is your model the shorter (and lighter) or the longer (and heavier) version of that van ?

Do you know what horsepower (not fiscal horsepower which I'm guessing is CV7) that engine has ? I'm wondering whether the 80 in CDi 80 means 80CV, in which case, it won't have enough oomph for me.

It sounds very similar to mine, but with 1.9 litre engines, you never know. If you've had the timer belt changed, I'm guessing it's not chain driven, which is what I'd prefer, as that's what I've got at the mo.

Goodness I'm no good at this, here's the vital info re kmage etc:

  • Year
    December 2005

  • Make

  • Model

  • Type
    9 seater minibus

  • Colour
    Emerald-green metallic

  • Transmission

  • Mileage
    190000 km NOT miles

  • Engine Size

  • Fuel

I have also advertised it on another site but I'm very wary of scammers.