Renovating? Need materials?

(Rebecca Fountain) #1

Hi, We're currently renovating an old house in the southern tip of the Ardèche. Having done what we want to do we find ourselves with a heap of traditional old stone (the sort of stuff they use to build houses down here) and roof tiles.

We don't want anything for them - just want to get rid. Anyone or anyone know of anyone who might be interested to take them away for their own projects?

Many thanks


(Rebecca Fountain) #2

Just sent you a msg Theo.

(Rebecca Fountain) #3

That's a great idea - although hesitant to use BC again as last time it resulted in hundreds of phone calls from people who were less than serious :)

(Theo Fruendt) #4

Rebecca, its a nice gesture! We are a bit more in the South, in the Gard, and your material could be nicely used for an extension as I have a couple of artisans working on it right now. Would be nice if you could give me a bit info about weight etc via PN...

(Anthony Matthews) #5

It sounds as if Le Bon Coin would be a good idea. The tiles have a value - I think that we got 3€ each for our old ones a few years back. If you don't want the money, you could give it to the DEC for Nepal. I suspect that you'll get rid of everything far quicker like that.

(Jane Waterhouse) #6

Sorry Rebecca, not to solve your problem but to offer some roof tiles of my own to anyone who would like to collect them in Aude............... will post a picture next time I'm there, in the summer.

I had my remise roof redone with new timbers and tiles last summer, so have a lot of weathered canal tiles, like Rebecca's, free to anyone who wants to come and collect.

Anyone interested, please PM me.

(Rebecca Fountain) #7

You get the idea....