Renovating, what are the regs?


We've recently bought an old property to renovate. It has water and electricity connected but no drainage! We know we have to contact SPANC for the drainagebut can anyone advise if we have to apply for any other approvals. We intend to insulate the external walls and roof and to rewire and replumb even though theexisting systems still work, we also will be replacing the windows.

Any advice willbe greatly appreciated.

Graham & Ann Pratt

Hi, What is the "NF"?

Generally speaking if you add on to the building you will need some sort of consent. As long as any work you carry out conforms to the NF you should be fine.
Check with the mairie regularly as some communes have rules about external décor, and you only want to do it once!

If you intend to insulate the external walls only use a breathable insulation

First stop your mayor . He will be able to. Point you in the right direction. 2nd a lot of what you are planning can be off set against tax if you are going to pay in France so keep receipts. Anything bought from Jan can be set against your tax bill next year. Re your waste water I can tell you that if you live in dept 64 you can apply for €4500 grant towards it unfortunately not every department is offering this. But you can apply to your bank for an Eco loan for many projects inc waste water it is interest free and can be spread over 3 to 10 years.