Renovation: Free accommodation to renovation junkie!

Hi all, I’ve just joined the website and this is the 1st time I’ve done this on any website. I am looking for someone to live in my house and work on it in return for free accommodation, if it were to be an artist then they would get a free space in the gallerie Ecosse D’Oc for a 6 week show. My problem is time never there long enough to do any real work. Please help. Ross

Hi, Chris.
Where do i start!
The main roof needs some real work doing to it as a major project, however my neighbours have done some temp works to keep it watertight. That will really need to wait until i get some money together too as it is a big roof almost 200sqm.
The most important work needing doing at the moment is rewiring the ground floor gallery space and the middle floor accommodation so as it is safe to rent out. The middle floor has an unfinished bathroom with a gaping hole in the floor essential!
A heating system of some sort would be good in the middle floor only at the moment as i am going to be using a system for the gallery that does heating and cooling.
A new kitchen on ground floor would be good but that is one i am good at as done several in London in past life.
So you see not a lot really, ha ha!
Good to hear from someone so quickly and do keep in touch, where are you exactly!
Added some images of the gallery at the moment with an exhibition in it. also see there is a small movie of the space.