Rental advice please

My situation has changed dramatically since the start of the year.
I’m now looking to split my time between UK & France…with a view to perhaps putting my house up for rent.
This could be for as much as six months at a time.
Any advice welcome of course.

Thank you Graham
I wasn’t sure where to post this.

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At the moment the balance is very much on protecting the tenant, so there isn’t an obvious route to do what you suggest. In France rental contracts come in three forms.

Short term holiday rental, where the rentee must have a principal residence somewhere else, and with a maximum of three months at a time. People do use this on a rolling basis, for example for people house hunting but theoretically you shouldn’t. But the house remains “yours”.

Furnished rental with a renewable annual contract. I think you might be able to use this for 6 months as one of the two reasons to break a contract is to move back in yourself. The other is to sell. Otherwise you have to renew if they wish it.

Unfurnished rental which has 3 years contracts and can be hard to get people out.

A completely different approach, which I know little about in France but I used successfully in the UK is to have a permanent lodger…


Bob, speak to Ross at We’ve been using them for ages, had “long term” tenants most years in the low season, on 3 month rolling contracts. We’ve just stopped because other things are looming, and loss of freedom of movement (Brexshit) probably won’t help with getting British House seekers, but you never know.


similar tax concession in France for that, as there also was in the UK. 000’s of euros can be earned tax-free.

Thank you both.
I understand renting out a property can be a minefield…particularly, if I’m to be absent for the duration.
I need to give things a lot of thought.

Hi Bob, I’m just down the road if you need any help.

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Thank you Peter

If you have experience of this I will certainly be in touch.

I don’t I’m afraid Bob but I’ll help if I can.

That’s a very kind offer Peter…thank you