Rental contract (bail) advice

I am about to rent out my house and need a contract (called a bail). Can anyone advise of a suitable one for me to use please?

Furnished or not, long term, sanity check?:rofl:

Go to an estate agency or even a lawyers office.

not sure what you mean by sanity check Mark. I guess that you mean that one would be crazy to let out a property long term. I kind of agree - but I inherited some money and what to do with it?
To get any decent level of interest in french banks one is limited to the amount one can invest. Once that is used up the interest level is practically zero. So property seems like an option - and if one buys a property then letting it out seems logical - even if full of risks.
Do you think there is a better - less risk option?

Convert it to GBP and put in National savings 6.2% for a year? Sterling looks a better buy currently :frowning:

Or buy UK property?

Just mentioning as you may think UK which you may know may therefore be less risky?

PS curious in what location will you be renting out (in France) - if you’ve already bought…

nice ideas but buying / owning / renting out a property so far away sounds a few too many problems
Not sure about national savings - us not being UK residents (although I do have premium bonds)
we are in 46 by the way

The “safest” is bail mobilité which is max 10 months and does not give tenancy rights. If you are in an area with eg lots of universities this could be a good option.

Otherwise 1 year furnished or 3 years unfurnished. But in both cases they renew automatically and you can’t ask people to leave when you want to as quite strictly controlled.

A bail mobilité worked for me, but it was only a one off, and as per previous comment, good for areas with a university or major college or large town cos it suits students and staff.

Even so, best to make sure there is a sizeable deposit for damages excess electricity etc to cover for lazy tenants who leave the house dirty and take some of your possessions with them as happed to me - and that was a teacher!