Rental contract help needed

I hope to get some clarification from you knowledgable people. We are renting a holiday home in France. Signed a contract for 9 months starting last May It is fully furnished rented through a vacation agency site. In the contract the property is described as "locaux Loues" We have been having some issues with repairs and the landloard is not interested in fixing stuff. anyway we are thinking of moving on early. We have done some research and it looks to us that we can leave with 30 days notice. Sound right? Agency does have one month security deposit, but should not be kept unless we have damages as far as we see.

Can someone advise if we can move ahead with this or will there be reprecussions.

Many thanks!!!

Thanks Helen Can you tell me what is rsa?

I didn't think you could have a 9 month holiday rental !!!! (purely from the point of view that the owner shouldn't be declaring it a holiday rental if he rents to the same people, if memory serves me right, for 3 months of more) I rent long term and generally a furnished property let runs for one year, unfurnished for 3 years. General rule of thumb is 3 months notice unless receiving rsa, then it's just 1 month. It should be stated in the rental contract though