Rental with dogs

Looking for longish rental min 6 months but not someones holidsy home or gite . We have 7 dogs lol and accept most people do not want to rent with this amount of dogs not forgetting our one cat .

So anyone know of any rentals older property in country that will not mind pets .

Good luck! I don’t know anyone who would accept that number of pets. Perhaps ask local dog breeders in the area you want to live in, as they may know dog friendly people…

Keep up the good work Stephen. :dog::dog2::service_dog:

I hope you find somewhere. :hugs:

6 months or more, means this will be an official main-residence rental rather than a Holiday Let, thus you will have certain rights as a Tenant and the Landlord will have certain duties/liabilities.

Depending on your nationality, this may be relatively simple… or not.

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How did you find that out Tracey? Are you a detective? :grin:


It has been known :female_detective:
My dad was a copper, :policeman:t3: so I guess it’s in the blood! :wink:

Haha :joy::joy::joy::eye: