Renting a property in the Tarn for 1 year from October?

We are returning to the Tarn at the end of the year, and would like to rent a house for about 1 year-as we will be building a home.
We are very flexible about the type of property, and it may even suit someone to do a house swap with us,if they need to be back in the UK for a while.
We lived in the Tarn for 13 years, and would like to be near Albi/Gaillac/Corders area.
We are a mature couple with no children, and our professional backgrounds have been in house renovation and design.
We would prefer rural, but a house with a decent garden in a town would be fine too.
If this is of any interest, do reply.
Thank you

My area but can’t help (apart from selling you tobacco and scratch cards!) but have a look on leboncoin, from experience, it’s about the best place for rentals, and purchases/sales for that matter :wink:

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