Renting out your First Home to Students

Hello All,

I came across conflicting information in regards to renting out first home, ie. my residence.

I heard that for 'saisonnere' rental you are allowed a maximal of 3 months rental (of your first home). In some cases 6 months as in Nice or other touristy area.

I want to rent out the flat I reside to a student from OCT-JUNE and then do seasonal weekly rental to tourists and families via AirBNB etc.

Anyone here can shed more light about the possibilities? Is it lawful?
(I will keep the residence linked to the flat of course, rental person will have to get his postal box).


The way you describe it, you will use your status of "résidence principale" and be heavily taxed in the bargain.

If you want to avoid tax, you would need to make sure you rent out part of your flat, that this part becomes a main residence for the renter and that you don't make more that 134 euros per sam, per year.

To avoid paying taxes and losing your status, you need to make sure you don't rent the totality of your residence out for over 4 months every year.