Renting with Land for horse

We are looking to rent in France (Loire, Angers, Laval, Mayenne) with a view to buying an eventual retirement home in France. The rental as the base.
Given the uncertainties with Brexit, we feel it prudent to rent sooner than later and start the process to become French Still in 2020.
Our main consideration is renting a property we can bring our 2 horses too and therefore with land available.
12 months rental is preferable.
Any advice, contacts, suggestions very welcome.
Rob & Sara.

Welcome to the forum Rob & Sara.
I think that unfortunately you will have to wait until the situation has settled down before you start looking for contacts to kick off your property search for real. France is pretty much in lockdown right now with only essential services open for business which means estate agents etc are closed until further notice, and folks shouldn’t be travelling around if they can avoid it.
However you can search online on estate agent websites, or have you discovered leboncoin? Here is a search for house and land in Mayenne for instance, you can refine the criteria as you want,3

Hi Anna,

Many thanks for the reply. Fully understand the situation in terms of travel is quite rightly restricted.
We’ve searched many estate agent website and do have some great contacts looking for the forever home for us in France.
We have decided however that we want to rent and non of the estate agent websites we’ve found have the ability to refine the search to include land or stables for example so it is difficult to know if this is accept to the landlord without ringing each one.
I’m reaching out to the community to see if someone had previously rented with horses or can offer suggestions. The type of websites like Leboncoin don’t allow for a good search compared to a local person.
Best regards. Rob & Sara

My friend has a house for sale suitable for horses in Viella in the Gers. Maybe she would rent it to you. She has an add on face book.

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Thanks for the heads up. Will try and find her on FB and check if interested in renting for 12 months.

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Shes called jill kirby . I have horses shes one of my friends.

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