Replacement shower riser

Trying to sort out the rainfall shower in the top bathroom and it’s become obvious that someone has mangled the thread on the riser, such that the water just gushes out in all the wrong directions.
All of the controls and the water connections are on the back panel so all I really need is the new riser but my Google skills are failing me dismally. Does anyone have any idea where I might find a riser as shown in the attached photos?

Do you mean this?

Amazon or eBay will have a good selection. Otherwise you’ll be down to wandering round the bricos like a lost soul until you find something. :thinking::expressionless:


Is it the thread on the riser or the thread on the shower head plate that is knackered, as the shower head thread collar tends to split.

You can see the top thread is damaged on the second pic.

No, it actually carries the water internally to the rainfall shower head, and it has a right-angled connector at the bottom that goes through the back panel into the water pipe. That water pipe then goes down the back to the controls, if that makes sense.

I’ve been all over them like a rash and haven’t found anything similar. I suspect the whole shower setup came as a package with panels, shower heads and controls.

This is the type where the riser height is adjustable by the looks of it, so you would need the top, curved bit. Maybe it could be sourced at a specialised plumbers merchant , never seen them in a brico shed. Only other option would be to replace the whole riser, but you’d need to move the whole shower unit to get behind it.

Have you tried a lot of PTFE?

I won’t say that it hasn’t crossed my mind but a. I don’t have any here and b. I suspect it’s too far gone.

That’s basically what I’m hoping to do but I’ve yet to find one with the right angled connection.

The cabins come as a package, we have had a few and the one in our last house did this, not wanting to pull out the cabin unless I had to I used a smear of quiksteel metal putty on the threads and some on the collar, screwed the head on and held it for 3 min till it set, 3 years later it was still like that when I sold the house, it just made new threads and never leaked again.


Hmm, there’s an idea and I don’t really have anything to lose by trying it. Thanks.

Just take your time with it, if you do still have a slight leak afterwards, dry it with a hairdryer or heat gun and add more putty over where it is leaking to seal it.
If you have hard water/limescale soak the shower head before hand in some vinegar to get rid of the lime.

It’s a new showerhead so just need to figure out how to soak the threads on the riser. I can see a combination of a cup, elastic bands and tape in my future.

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Well, that’s worked a treat, so far at least.

I decided to treat the studio bathroom to the new showerhead and use the old head from there for the repair, just in case it all went wrong and I ruined the head.

Anyway, so far so good.