Replacing a purlin

Hi All, we have now completed the purchase of our property near Jarnages and have spent a week over there, parked up in our motorhome opposite our little bit of France, while starting the renovation . Spent five days ripping out internal walls, pulling down ceilings and sorting out the roof space.

I need to replace one of the purlins, it has a four metre span. Can anyone on here point me in the right direction of a supplier and “type” and or name , ie Class 1 or 2 of the timber I need to purchase.

Next visit, of three weeks, is booked for mid August, followed by a ten week visit from mid September. The word excited does not cover it.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Hmm France closes in August for the holidays. Not joking you need to source the timber from a saw mill if possible. Try to arrange it or you’ll have to wait until September.

Your local builders merchants (Gueret/Aubusson) will have timbers the right size, and will deliver. If you can do it yourself that’s good (Quite a big job), if not I can put you in touch with some reliable local builders.

Thanks for the reply John, had forseen the holiday bit, the purlin was not the priority that visit. We have lots of other stuff to be getting on with

Thanks for the reply Mark, have already checked out the local Chausson in Gueret for pointing material, not cement !!

Just had not been looking fir timber at the time.

Also went to Limoges and checked out the huge Bricoman.

Will post again if we need local contacts.

Thanks again