Reporting accrued french tax on US tax return for foreign credit (form 1116)

from harried in taxland: I’m an dual US/Brit resident in France and must file both French and US taxes. 2nd year of filing taxes here and doing myself. Used paid accountants last year as it was my first time and as I’m still reasonably compos mentis, figured I can do myself armed with last year’s example. All is going well…except. The one thing I can’t figure out how to do is to calculate what my accrued french tax is so I can claim this amount on the US form 1116. I have the numbers from the 1116 form filed for 2017, but can’t figure out how it is calculated. My best guess is to multiply the $ amount of gross income by the rate that is noted at the end when I filed the french online declaration. No amount was noted, only the %. Any info or where to find, appreciated. I did check the American/tax and banking/tax topics to no avail…TIA!

When does the US Return need to be put in… ?

If you’ve already done your French Declaration… the “result” will be available in July I think… will that be too late for US ??

You might well find a visit to your local Tax Office… and discussing with them… will provide the information you seek… better to have the figures correct than risk messing things up.

Hi Stella…US tax deadline for expats is June 15th or 29th, and you can have an extension to October. And I may just need to visit the local office. I guess it may not be too bad once the french deadline is past.

It’s around July…I think… that the Avis is available… so, with an extension to October… you’ll be OK.

Do you have to advise US that you will need the extension ??

Yes, I should be well in time. I just like to get these things out of the way and was waiting to finish with the French :wink: You do have to apply for the extension, it’s easy to do online as well.

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