Requirement for a death in UK

Hi All following on from a recent post it looks as our friend in the UK has very little time left.

When she dies in the UK does anyone know what we need to do. I assume we (or her daughter who is in the UK) will need to appoint a Notaire. Does he need a UK death certificate (or it being France numerous copies).

I assume the Notaire will close all the relevant accounts, mostly for the house, electric, gas, water. What happens to her bank account? Finally the house is for sale and it looks as though it won’t sell before she passes.

We have not grasped the full implications of her passing in the UK she has made a UK will and is leaving everything to one daughter. The entire estate will probably be only 120k euros.

It looks as though her daughter will not come out to France again, she speaks no French and will probably rely on us to communicate with the Notaire and immobilière selling the house ( although she is Dutch and speaks excellent English and French).

Any advice welcome.

If you do the snakepit that is facebook, then there are many useful written resources in a group called Strictly Legal France.

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I don’t know, but this might be a starting point. Pre-Brexit so things may have changed. But the fundamental of registering death properly in UK and infor ing notair ein France are most likely still the first steps.

And this

Hi Porrige

Thanks but I do not do face book.

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Hi Jane thanks one thing I do not understand why would we have to use the Notaire that originally sold the house to her. He is the most incompetent person we have encountered and has a local reputation of being useless.

I wondered that as well! I would have thought much more important to get a notaire who has interest and experience in cross- border issues.

Exactly we have quite a good Notaire nearby so will probably use him, he can tell us if there is a requirement to use the Notaire who sold her the house ( hopefully not).

Might I suggest that you do NOT assume that a Notaire (any Notaire) will close Utilities’ accounts etc…
A frank discussion… where you ask lots of questions and get clear answers… would be my ideal way forward… and I’d go armed with a list…


Thanks Stella yes a very good suggestion. We managed to suspend her gas account although her tank is left full of gas with no working gas chaudière.

Yes when it comes to it we will probably be working closely with the Notaire.



I’ve been supporting/translating for a friend who was a few years late in notifying France officialdom that someone had died… :roll_eyes:

I’d suggest you have a chat with your Notaire… now… so you’re primed on what’s what…

Good news she has agreed a sale. Now for the next question assuming she gets the Compris de Vente signed what happens if she dies before the Acte de Vente is signed and can she sign the Acte de Vent in the UK?



The sale can still proceed, although could take more time if has to go through probate. Which could annoy buyers. Talk to the notaire about her signing a procuration for the final sale so all done virtually.

Thanks luckily the buyers live a few doors down in a family owned home with a business next door, they will not be worried by any delay.


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