Rescue dogs - Poppy's plight

Thought I would post the beginning of "Poppy's plight" here with a link to the original, written a couple of years ago.

There's a follow up "Poppy's pleasure". But I'm having problems finding it.

She first came to our attention after we had visited a local show at the village hall organised by a nearby refuge for abandoned dogs and cats.

At the ripe old age of eight Poppy, we were told, had been "rescued" from owners who had over time collected more than 30 dogs, many the result of interbreeding, and who understandably had found themselves no longer able to cope.....continued

Hi Johnny I just read that article on the blog. And it is so sad that this seems to be constantly on the cards. Will we never learn? When you take on a dog/dogs or any other animal for that matter - you become responsible for them and they cannot just be put aside when it does not suit anymore.

I would not get rid of my children if money was a bit tight or they wouldn’t do as they were told. I just dispair at humans who don’t get it and can rationalise anything that they do with respect to animal care.

Well that is my moan for a while. I applaud the brilliant stuff that you and others are doing. Bravo my friend. G. Hi Poppy…