Residence Permit if No Deal

I just saw this (from the French Government’s Brexit Document) which is encouraging:

“Without a withdrawal agreement

People who already have a residence permit which was issued due to their former status as EU citizens will be automatically entitled to exchange this document for a new permit without having to provide any supporting documents.”

As it should be.
So much for all the doomsayers who tried to encourage people not to register for a CdS. I’m glad we ignored them.
I also think the same will apply to those who have already submitted their papers but not yet received their CdS (provided the papers submitted meet the requirements) :smile:

Those who wanted to apply here in 17 were stuffed as they stopped accepting applications/rdv’s many months ago.

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I think stuffed is a bit strong. Those people who have already received their CdS(EU) will still have to apply to exchange it, those without will have to apply for the ‘new’ card then the onus will be on the French authorities to supply that card within the given time frame. There is no suggestion that the application process will be any more onerous than before. I can understand why some prefectures have been reluctant to go through the process of supplying cards that will have to be replaced within a short time and have preferred to wait until the final card can be issued.

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There is nothing that I have read which suggests the cards will have to be replaced within a short time - when issued, the holder was a citizen of the EU and the card may remain valid for its specified duration or until the State gets round to requesting its return to be replaced with a non EU one but the principle remains the same; getting a card whilst a EU citizen will be more straightforward than getting one when you are not - ask non EU citizens (like US and Australians) to comment accordingly.

As non E.U. citizens nobody will be happy that you are walking around with a CdS saying that you are.
I’m not going to get into a my approach is better than your approach argument but I dislike some people who have a CdS being superior when so many people have tried to obtain them but been thwarted. Being in the right place at the right time is not a cause for superiority. The French Interior Ministry has made it clear that the correct cards can be applied for in the first six months after Brexit and will be delivered within a year. I’m not up to date but I certainly read that CdS holders would apply to exchange their cards during the same period.


@anon92512307 excuse me, but please point me to the place where I claimed superiority…
wind your neck back in, take a deep breath and relax…

I was simply making the point that some people wanted peace of mind by applying for a CDS even though they knew it was going to be replaced in the future but weren’t able to, ergo ‘stuffed’.:grinning:


Your post of about two hours ago came over that way. My neck is fine. The RIFT people may have been helpful on one hand but on the other their policy caused a lot of unnecessary stress.

completely unintended.
Sorry if I got it wrong/over-reacted :frowning_face:


It didn’t to me, so perhaps just your perception. In any case, enjoy the weekend.