Restaurant in your own home

We are thinking of setting up a small catering service.To provide a full restaurant service in your own home.We would offer menu planning,chef and waitress service and clean up after. Numbers minimum 4 maximum 20. This would save the hassle of driving to and fro unable hosts to have a drink or two. Plus the flexibility to choose prior what you would like to eat instead of choosing from a menu on the day.Vegetarian and vegan meals catered for.We could cover the area from Tarbes to Pau and surrounding. All planning can be done in your own home,you can either tell us what you would like on your menu or we could help you choose.

This at the moment is only an idea so we are throwing out there for your comments. Those who have not met my husband vis SF he is a qualified chef having owned his own restaurant and for the last 4 years worked at Glyndebourne under Albert Roux.

So let us know please your thoughts and anyone interested we can start in the New Year.Thank you