Restaurant suggestions in center of Paris/Eiffel with 4 kids

Welcome to all the new Foodlovers in France!

Does anyone know of a unique and kid friendly resto to take 4 kids to in Paris or ideally near Eiffel Tower? Or has anyone tried the resto/cafe in Eiffel Tower? We are heading up now by train and hope to visit Eiffel Tower and Paris tomorrow. Any suggestions are appreciated. Have a sunny weekend!

Warmly, Mary

Pizza sounds good. Will check on the map where this is. Thanks !

Thanks ! Sounds nice that it is on an’ island.’

Try bistros on the rue Cler, as you enter rue St, Dominique from Bourdonnais, there is a small Italian (pizza) on the right hand side of St. Dominique that i really good.

What do they like to eat? What would you like them to eat?

"Nos Ancêtres Les Gaulois" used to be good but haven't been there for years. Starter was a panier of fresh veg that you helped yourself too, after that self service buffet for charcuterie and then barbecued meat. Wine from a barrel. All this in a set of vaulted cellars. 39, rue Saint-Louis- en-l'Ile, one of the islands on the Seine