Restaurants, restaurants

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #1

We all love to eat out so why not share the love?
Write about your favourite eateries here, not forgetting to put in the address, e mail and telephone number, plus website if they have one. If you have any photos, don’t forget to add them too.
To start us off, here is one of my all time Favourites on the Ile de Re.


The Ile de Re is situated off the West coast of France opposite the old port of La Rochelle on the mainland.
Often described as “A jewel in the French Tourist Board’s crown”, it is
a small island haven for holiday makers from both the mainland and
further afield.

Unsurprisingly, the quay side is festooned with small and inviting
restaurants that beckon hungry tourists in through their doors to try
out the plats du jour.

Choosing is difficult, but always hastened by one’s level of hunger –
severe in our case. So much so that after viewing the menu, we
considered gnawing on the tables and chairs outside.

We were spotted by a sympathetic waiter, and we were swiftly settled at an outside table on the scrubbed decking.

We wasted no time in setting about that pleasant task of poring over
the menu whilst nibbling away at bowls of tiny olives, tapenade and the
like (along with the obligatory sipping on our pre lunch aperitifs.)

I started with a platter of fresh oysters served with lemon wedges, sticks of unsalted butter and generous hunks of rye bread.

It is probably too much of a cliché to say they tasted of the sea, but they did, so I’ll say it. Fabulous, and quickly devoured.

To follow I chose the fillet of pan seared cod served with caramelised
aubergines – not a vegetable of my usual choosing, but their sweetness
complimented the slight (but yummy) bitterness of the crisped skin of
the cod.

My intent at the outset of the meal was to go the whole hog and order cheese and dessert.

However, my resolve had weakened by the time I had cleared my plate,
and in truth the Chablis at this point had begun to take a very
relaxing hold over me.

Reluctantly I left it there and made a mental note to browse the patisserie opposite before I left for the day.

We chatted idly over coffee and Cognac and we were not harried by the waiting staff even though we were the last to leave.

If you get the chance, go there and enjoy.

RESTAURANT DETAILS: La Baleine Bleue, Quai Launy Razilly, 17410 St. Martin de Re, Ile de Re. France

TEL. 00 33 5 46 09 03 30 WEBSITE: