Restoring industrial up-lighters

I found these three industrial looking up-lighters for sale in a brocante, I thought that they would look superb outside on the terrace so we picked them up for 20 Euros! Here's how I went about restoring them.

Firstly I dismantled everything; one of them was quite badly corroded.

The reflectors will just need a wash.

Removing the old cable.

I had to spend a fair bit of time cleaning up the lamp holder plates.

The wire brush attachment was invaluable here, as it turns out they are actually made from stainless steel!

This part took around 3 hours!

Ready for re-wiring.

I decided that it would be more convenient to have a socket on each of thm too so that they could be plugged in to each other instead of requiring a socket each. It proved tricky to get the two cables needed for that into the connector block so I soldered them first.

Time for a quick test.

Cutting some perspex to keep the moths out and the coloured gels in place; you need to use a metal or acrylic blade on your jigsaw to cut perspex.

Cutting out a few different coloured gels bought from Lee Filters

Changing the gels is simple, the perspex covers lift off and you can slide it whichever gels you like.

Love them! Keep giving us the ideas, James! Most appreciated :0)

What a nice - and useful - change from Lidl prattle...

Methinks a book is in process of creation, James! Congrats and admiration!

Wonderful project just goes to show how you can recycle lots of things.

Blimey, you're good. Wonder if they sell 'JH Seeds' so I can grow my own. Would prove very handy with all my 'fat chance' projects.

Bravo!!!...I've been a registered brocanteur in France for 25+ years...and can't knock a nail in straight !(but I can sing "Oh Susannah' in tune !"

Just a good job that the gels turned up...

Is there no end to this man's talents and, by putting the results on here for all to see (and he gets to choose what goes on show) it is forcing the rest of us otherwise "OK maybe tomorrow" folk to shape up!

thanx for sharing that! Great result cheers

Nice one!

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And we're stayin' alive, stayin' alive.
Ah, ha, ha, ha,
Stayin' alive.