Retaining AE Status in France

Hello everyone,

Firstly, thank you for all the helpful information on here, I've had reason to be grateful over the past year or so.

I have tried to find the answer to my question below without success, and wonder if anyone can give me a pointer or two.

I have AE status in France, and have been living here now for nearly 15 months. I majority of my work under this status is coming from a company based in Paris, I do flexible and remote working for them.

I would like to know whether, if I move to another EU country, I can continue working with them and billing them under my French AE status. Is it possible to retain my AE status in France, whilst working with a French company, and paying French tax, even if I am no longer physically here in France?

Any advice gratefully received, many thanks all.

Hi Jesse

I don't have the reply to this, but would love to know it, if you do make any progress.