Retire , move to france

(Michael kellett) #63

Sounds like us to a T , we’ve got three years to do our homework , things might not work , we know that , no one can predict what’s going to happen ie brexit , and a million and one etc’s. , but we will see .
We are going to the French property show in London in September , and early next year start the ball rolling , if things don’t work out then at least I might get my split camper and road trip round France :nerd_face:
On a serious note , we are literally just dipping our toes in the water at the moment , the advice on here has been amazing , we are under no illusions about things and we don’t wear rose tinted glasses but if there’s a will there’s a way

(stella wood) #64

The camper sounds ideal for testing various parts of France… it really is so varied…

(stella wood) #65

Rose-tinted glassess… :wink::thinking: not necessarily a bad thing to have…:relaxed:

I’ve been accused of wearing those, more than once on this Forum… simply because I have a very positive outlook on life and my glass is always half-full :yum::yum: and not everyone is of the same mind-set…

(Mark Robbins) #66

One of the most important thing to remember is never to trust an agent, no matter how honest and truthful they come across.

(Bill Morgan) #67

You must have had some neg’ exp’ Mark, any I’ve dealt with have been, just helpful. :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

(stella wood) #68

There are good and not-so-good… in all professions and activities…

Not tried this with Estate Agents, but…it might be worth a try…

I often ask someone to promise, cross-their-heart etc … that whatever they say is the absolute truth. My, smiling disbelief and insistence on this… has all of us collapsing into laughter… and then, they go even further in their confirmation that “whatever” really will arrive/happen etc … :hugs::relaxed::relaxed:

(Barbara Deane) #69

I wear rose tinted glasses for special occasions and I am very positive but not to the extent that logic is not allowed a viewing.
Yes Tim it is easy to over spend and we do…but mainly on the cats!

(Chris Dunn) #70

Hi Michael.
Anything is doable, you just have to cut your cloth.
We came to France for a holiday, returned 3 months latter and brought a house for £34000.
Over the last 3 years spent about £16000, to various tradesman to rewire, sort out oil heating, gonna just be a holiday home.
We toyed with the idea of retiring here in the next 4 years,I’m 58, but to be honest Brexit, might put paid to that idea.
For us we shall try and live 6 months in each country, keep our uk house for healthcare issues and stay as long as we can in France enjoying the Dream.
I think that I can do all this on about £20k pension.
Time will prove me wrong!
Good luck!

(Glen Margaret Griffin) #71

Barbara Deane Change your insurance provided we don’t pay that for 3 cars.

(Teresa Shipley) #72

I assume Barbara Deane is including house insurance too.

(Glen Margaret Griffin) #73

You have to be a canny shopper and read the PUB. 3 bottles of Persil 120 washes for 13.50 euros. 72 loo rolls for 12.95. You just need storage space and if you are not working you have the time to find the bargains

(Mandy Davies) #74

I only ever buy household products when on special offer. Especially, toilet roll, kitchen roll, Ariel, softener, bin bags, dishwasher tablets. Same with toiletries like shower gel, toothpaste, hand soap, deodorant, shampoo etc. I will sometimes visit 3 or 4 different supermarkets per week to stock up.

Also, Casino is good for meat offers. If you go early evening or Saturday afternoon they often have meat marked down by 30% if it has a short date. Last week they had Label Rouge chickens, originally priced at 4.95€ per kilo marked down by 30%. Had the following day’s date but we jointed and froze them the same day. Often find steak hachee and sausages as well.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #75

Same for us Mandy, a big freezer was a priority for us, before dishwasher and tumble dryer !

(Mandy Davies) #76

Sadly, no space for a big freezer just a normal fridge/freezer. We use our small freezer mostly for vegetables and meat and the occasional pizza or box of poisson pane. Would love a big freezer. I would have bought all eight chickens instead I just bought 2!

(Bill Morgan) #77

NOZ is often well worth a visit, we buy all our poultry, eggs and plants at the Priory at Billiers 56, super produce and prices. Lamb, pork, when on offer at supermarket, good beef, sausage etc from our local butcher, who is as cheap as Super U!

(Mandy Davies) #78

I’ve found NOZ really disappointing recently. Not bought anything there for weeks now.

(Elisabeth Morgan) #79

Last bargain at NOZ was chestnut tins, more a Christmas thing, but as they are good for another 2 years !

(stella wood) #80

Oh yes, chestnuts are delicious with so many different things… I’ve nearly always got a tin or packet tucked away somewhere. :relaxed:

(Elisabeth Morgan) #81

Lovely around a roast chicken :yum:

(stella wood) #82

yummy… added to vegetables, rice, pasta or whatever… and one year I tried to make marron glacé… (delicious disaster :relaxed:)…