Retirement age in France

Hi all, sorry to ask such a basic question , but although we have made some planning we really have not had the time or inclination to keep abreast of the rules with regard to pensions here. We though it was a long way off !

Quite simply, my wife will reach 60 next week. She has made all the required N.I. contributions in the Uk and has been paying her cotisations to the RSI here for 10 years working as an autoentrepreneur.

The question is - at what age can she start to get her UK state pension and, will she be able to supplement that with a pension accumulated from her cotisations in France, and if so, when?

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Afternoon all,

I have just received a letter from 'L'Assurance Retraite' and they are asking for 'Justificatifs de votre activité en Angleterre'. I will phone 'L'Assurance Retraite' on Monday but was wondering if anybody knew what they require. I never kept any pay slips from the UK and am not sure what spanner this will throw. Thanks... (and I agree Geoff, we all think it's a long way off.. :) )

The latest information on retirement in france is available on

It looks like it is 62 for any sex born in 1955 but i think it depends on how many points you have built up.

Yes will definitely be at least another 5 yrs plus!

Think you have forgotten that in UK pension age for females was pushed back from 60 to 65 quite some years ago and subsequently moved back even further. Think you will find she cannot get UK sate pension until she’s 66