Return home reapply for long stay visa

My long stay visa expires June 7th. Unfortunately, I do not think I will be able to extend my visa in time. I am returning home to the US in May and I intend to apply for a new long stay visa. Can I apply for one in May if my current visa expires in June? The new visa would start around August so I don’t see why there would be a problem. I am just worried about being denied. I am also not sure if I do the process all over again or if I apply for a return visa. Thank you for any advice!

I always thought that a visa is the document that allows you to enter a country, and the document that allows you to stay in a country is the titre de séjour. If that is the case then extending a visa makes no sense. Either you extend your titre de séjour, or that is not possible you must leave the country before your current titre de séjour expires and apply for a new visa in order to re-enter it.

I guess that whether or not your titre de séjour can be extended or not will depend on what visa you originally obtained and what titre de séjour this enabled you to obtain.

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I think that your questions would be best directed towards the French Embassy in Washington DC.