Returning goods to Amazon UK

Recent experience in La Poste. I had a radio to return to Amazon UK. Packaged it up and filled in the Customs form which they sent me. La Poste refused to accept it as the parcel didnt have the correct barcode on it - i was directed to an online site to get the correct paperwork.
I got it sorted out with Amazon after a phone call but it seems that this ‘new’ Customs thing has caught them on the hop.
Just a word to the wise!

a “word to the wiser” is not to buy any longer from Amazon UK if you live in France but to buy instead only from Amazon EU resources FR, DE etc.
Most (if not all) you can get from Amazon UK can be sourced from within the EU.


I think you should have started your post “a word to the wiser” :slight_smile:

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If you install the ‘Keepa’ add-on to your browser it will compare prices at all Amazon sites (and more stuff as well). Keepa

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Unfortunately, some less scrupulous vendors are touting FR shops, when in fact the goods are coming from the UK - recent case in point, I ordered a ghillie shirt from Tartanista FR, which turned out not to be cotton per the description, but majoritarily polyester, which was precisely what I didn’t want. To be fair, they did reimburse me entirely, and also said it wasn’t worth returning the shirt because it was too complicated…

Not very often had to return items to Amazon FR but happily when I have, it has been a good experience and without hassle.

You wouldn’t by any chance be talking about who seem now to deliver French orders en masse to a fulfilment centre in Orleans, from where they are sent on by La Poste. As the wise now know, the problem comes when you try to send anything back and it has to be returned direct to Fife.

No, this is